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Ok, I'm seriously considering running the Marine Half Marathon on October 30 with the Team in Training... The want is there, but I'm not sure if the will is. I've had a couple people commit to helping me train, and to be there for me in support. Now, if I can wrap my head around it, I'll do it. Gotta pray over it and give an answer by Monday...


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First I strongly suggest you use this post as a guideline for your fundraising mentality. You will know what I mean by this in a moment......

The first word to remember is "Network:" Your network is all your friends and family, and all their friends and family, and all their friends and families, and.....................

The "Fundraising Goal" you set depends on how much time you would like your closest friends and relatives to work to help you out. Your goal is to train and do the best you can in your event. One pitfall to fundraising is you start to concentrate on it, and not training. My downfall during my fundraiser was me concentrating on fundraising, and not training. You should set a goal of raising an average of $500 a month and have your network commit to it.

After you grasp this concept and dedicate to it, come up with a snappy name for your commitment. After that, think of a short descriptor that would be easy to remember (mine was ChopperTNT) and then go to Godaddy.com and order a domain name. Search the web for a "Godaddy Coupon" to save you a few bucks when you check out. If you have a "Fundraiser page" have godaddy "Forward" your domain name to that address. You can even have a "Free" site on Godaddy if you'd like.

After that, set up a FaceBook page. Put up your goals, your cause information and pictures of your training and such. Keep posting to it, keeping the word "Fresh" with your followers. Put your Godaddy link on it.

Have a logo made. If you have a "Real" graphics designer in your network, use them. Do that ASAP so you can get that on your Facebook page. After that, recommend the page to your friends, and ask them to recommend it to their friends. There are potentially thousands of followers, or at least people to view your page.

Now, how to effectively fund-raise (without seeming like a pushy door to door salesman):

Once again, I stress... have your friends and family volunteer... Approach it like this... "We are competing in an Ironman... and we raising funds for Conners hero's. We are not asking for a donation, we are asking for help in getting donations." For example, friends can help with getting donations from businesses for a silent auction. If you accept help and not payment from 20 people, they have the opportunity to reach out to hundresd if not thousands of people in their "Network"

Things that worked the best for me:

  • Business cards with your logo, name, website address and a detailed description what you are doing, and what for on the back. I got a thousand of them from vistaprint for like 10 bucks and handed them out to everyone. I even included one with my tips and payment at restaurants.
  • Brochures you can have businesses post on their boards and storefront windows.
  • Silent Auction: I raised over 2K in one night, thanks to generous family members. People would rather give to get something, and then they usually give more...
  • Use other events between now and then (Monument Ave 10K and such) as a fundraiser for your cause.

Here are a couple links to my fundraiser blog that may help. The suggestions are a bit old, but most still apply. From silent auctions held at a local business. Businesses are more than willing to donate stuff for a cause at this time of the year.

Always reminder potential donors that this is a tax write-off. That usually gets the cash flowing.


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I am in the process of deciding if I want to try and do back to back events with the Team in Training. I had such a wonderful experience, and I want to continue to raise money for LLS, my wife wants me to stay in shape, and I am already scheduled to run the Virginia Beach Half Marathon, so the decision is almost made.

If I get enough positive feedback about doing it, and I can get a couple people to join the Team with me, I just may do it!

The Virginia Beach Rock And Roll Half Marathon has been voted as one of the best and most fun events in America.

So, if you know anyone that wants to be trained for a Half marathon (13.1 miles) by professional, dedicated run, walk or jog trainers, the Team in Training is perfect.

If you always wanted to challenge yourself, and see if you have what it takes, let me know. I was in the Army for 5 years and had never run more than 5 miles at a time. If you know me, you'd never believe I could complete 13.1 miles, but I did it with a huge smile on my face.

I challenge YOU to join ME and lets Join the Team in Training together! Together, we can do our part to wipe out Blood Diseases, so no other kids (or adults) have to go through what Blake and his entire family went through! I'll be more than happy to tell you anything that I know, and steer you in the right direction!

Just to let you know, I will provide any help you need to complete your required fundraising. I'll provide you with a BLOG to keep your updates posted. I'll help you in any way I can, from helping design your fundraising website to help setting up fund raising events in your area. I will be more than happy to work WITH you to make your goal!

The opportunity to Join the Team in Training is Nationwide. There are even chapters in Canada! If there is a Team in Training chapter in your area that is training for Virginia Beach, you can join with them. If there is no chapter, you can join the Virtual Team.

If for nothing else, you have to do it for the Pasta Dinner the night before the race and the Celebration Party after the race.

The best part, you get to travel to Virginia Beach Virginia! No matter what, entrance fees, transportation, hotel stay, just about everything is covered (except most meals and local activities). All you have to do is meet your minimum fundraising target, and you are here! Trust me, it will be the experience of a lifetime!

If I do run with the team in training, I'm not going to be asking for donations from family and friends! I'm going to do it all through business fund raisers and local events! I CAN SHOW YOU HOW!

Let me know if you want to join "Team Blake: Taking step for a cure" with the team in training and I'll help get you started today!


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This has been a long and windy road, and this weekend, it was a very hilly road. From the long stretches of elevation changes, to the heat, the run was very challenging.

The Experience was life changing! Meeting everyone and hearing their stories made the countless hours training, the worry of fund raising and the pain worth while!

The whole Team In Training experience has given me the inspiration to do more for those who cannot. One person had an effect on me more than others. It was a person who had a hard battle against a blood disease and was out there walking the 1/2 marathon. At first I thought it was really strong that this "Survivor" was able to get out there and do what they did. 13.1 miles. No easy task. Then, later that evening at the Victory celebration, I found out from this person that they are now awaiting treatment for another type of cancer. The 'new" cancer was due to the chemo they received to kill the blood cancer. Facing a tough decision, chemo was postponed until after this 1/2 marathon.

People like that are the reason we do this. I can guarantee you this, it will not be my last event. I was asked to help train swimmers for the nations Triathlon, and I am looking forward to doing so!

So, if you are sitting there, reading this and saying to yourself, "There is no way I could do a 1/2 or full marathon," I was saying the same thing just a short year ago. Now I have done 2 of them. Look up the Team in Training in your area and see what they can do for you!

Do it for a child, so they don't have to suffer like Blake did.

Do it because you want to make a difference, and have an AWESOME experience.

Ever want to run a 1/2 or full marathon? Do it because you want to get in shape, get trained by some of the most experienced and professional trainers and be able to say you did it.

Whatever the reason, go to http://www.teamintraining.org/ find an upcoming meeting to get some information and just do it.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in my mission. Remember, if you haven't donated yet, you have until may 5 to do so! Help me reach my goal to help fight blood cancers.


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We will be holding a fundraiser at Qudoba's Restaurant on Wednesday April 15th from 5:30-8:30 for our Team in Training campaigns!

Click Here for more information


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Ok, a few weeks back I reported knee problems. I blew it off, and hoped to suck it up. Well, that didn't work out so well. Went to a Doc today at the Commonwealth Sports Medicine clinic and it seems I may have a "Damaged" meniscus. That has caused me to put more strain on my right knee where my IT band is rubbing and getting sore.

Drained fluid, hooked me up with a cortisone shot and in 2 days, I'll be good to go. Start slow, physical therapy each week, do my long runs on a zero gravity treadmill at half my weight and get me back to where I can actually run the 1/2 marathon in 3 weeks!

Also, here is my last real plea: My wife and I are working hard to raise over $10,000 together. If we do, then all the money raised will go directly to AML research. We are not even half way to our goal. If every person who sees this donates the $52.00 minimum we are seeking, we will hit our goal! You can donate any amount you would like, and corporate matches are encouraged.

And as always, your donation is Tax Deductible!

Thank you, and please help us help find a cure!


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I lost my step-son to AML, as everyone is well aware of. In November I lost a great co-worker to the same horrible disease.

Last year, one of my favorite relatives was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He was one of the toughest, and most caring people that has ever graced this world. I cared for him dearly, although he probably never knew it. Yesterday, I got a call from my mother to let me know that he had passed away yesterday morning.

What a horrible, miserable disease. I can only hope we can all succeed in wiping it away so no one else has to suffer like so many have before them.

PLEASE donate to my cause, not for me but for all those who have a blood disease, all that have passed from a blood disease and the hundreds that will be diagnosed today. Click the following link:


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Well, Saturday I did 11 miles. I didn't run 11 miles, I ran probably 7 of them, but I never thought I would walk again once I was done. Muscles are great, lungs, heart, great... My knees are hindering me right now, but that is completely my fault! I really need to get disciplined and go to the gym and strengthen them. More stretching and strengthening will make it go easier.

2 weeks until the Ukrops 10K, that's my first real test since the Ntelos 8K.

More updates to come when there are more updates! Thank you for you continued support!

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